Large List of Vaccine Exemption Forms/Resources

Following is a list of resources designed to assist you to defend your God given rights, freedoms, and bodily autonomy. Read through these resources, and choose which one is right for you. These can be used for things like defending your rights in a job, in school, as well as entering businesses and receiving service.

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PoliceOnGuard – Legal Employer Vaccine Exemption Form

This form, prepared by law enforcement and lawyers, references specific statutes and laws which protect your rights to bodily autonomy. I.e., you refuse the death jab. You can give this to your employer if they try and coerce you into getting injected.

TruthSearchEngine – Creed Based Exemption Form

This particular form states your exemption based on your belief system. Essentially that since the injections are toxic concoctions designed to harm you, you decline to participate in this experimental serum. This can be used for schools, employers, and businesses whose premises you wish to enter. Access the Read Me section for supporting documents.

Vaccine Choice Canada – Position Paper / Charter of Rights & Freedoms

This form references the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Not only are “exemptions” unnecessary, but trying to impose them on Canadians violates and increase vulnerability to medical tyranny. The solution is not to participate – and this document contains a list of various resources (Notices of Liability for employers, etc) at the end of the document. This can be used for places like hospitals, employment, schooling, and so forth.

Vaccine Choice / Rocco Galati Constitional Rights Center – Employee Rights (Video)

Discusses contract & tort law, and how to defend your rights with Supreme Court of Canada information.

Action4Canada – Notice of Liability Forms, Charter Forms

Various resources. Click the menu options such as ‘Covid-19’, ‘Legal Action’, etc for various forms and resources for rejecting masks, vaccines, etc.

Yummy Doctor/ Amandha Dawn Vollmer

Form to decline PCR testing at work. (The “test” IS THE SAME THING as the “vaccine”. It is “microdosing”).

Notice of Liability Form for Employers who Are Trying to demand Covid-19 Injections

Basically a set of questions you have your employer, school, etc fill out if they try and force injections on you. While designed for USA Citizens, questions can also be used for Canadians.

Toronto Carribean – Know Your Rights (Privacy, Charter, etc information)

Article published that contains additional education on various legal rights you have.

Stand Up Canada Solutions

Information resource, with various documents/resources to fight back effectively.

Children’s Health Defence (USA)

Various NOL’s (Notice of Liability) forms for preventing masking, testing, injections, and more. Still useful information for Canadians to read, including various letters to send to schools, etc.


Many businesses do not wish to participate, but because of lack of knowledge – are operating from one of two fears (fear of ‘fines’ affecting their business, or fear that there is a ‘deathly virus’). So if you can fully educate them on what is going on and why, and provide them with the tools to fight back effectively, then the will stand together with you against the tyranny.

Private Membership Associations (USA/Canada)

A properly formed private membership association allows a business to operate in the private domain, as opposed to the public domain. With the properly formed membership, this means that certain evil “rules” do not apply to a PMA, i.e., no necessity for “passports”, etc. So you can join “the club” (i.e., a “restaurant club”), and can avoid the evil ‘rules’ being imposed on businesses playing their game.

Working with Small Businesses (Restaurants/MSWord, Business Owners/MS Word, Adverse Reactions Poster/MSWord)

Many small business owners have been so busy trying to save their business, that they have not had time to adequately research what is really going on, and how to properly defend themselves. These documents can be used to quickly educate a business owner on what is going on, and why, and how to fight back effectively. The documents provide links to specific legal resources as well. They need to stand up now, otherwise they most likely will not have a business to stand up for in five years.

Filing a Human Rights Complaints

Ideally you are able to work with a small business and fight the evil together. However, if you have tried other avenues to get them to see the light, and it has not worked, you may consider this option.


Synposis – To quickly get educated on what is really going on, spend 5-10 minutes to read this synposis.

Templates/Solutions – Click on this section to get specific step by step solutions on how to fight back effectively.






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