How to Use Only Words to vanquish evil, and defend your freedoms and sovereignty

In this article, I will teach you a very specific and effective strategy to fight evil using only words. Words have incredible power. Used correctly, they create massive results.

The small group of evil people fancy themselves ‘magicians’ practicing ‘dark magic’. They use symbols and sigils. (Look at corporate logos). They ‘cast spells’ through documents like the ‘leaked liberal memo’. In some ways, they really are magicians. Most of the world is under a “spell”. They convinced people to ‘wear masks’ to ‘protect others’. In reality, masks suffocate and cause daily brain damage from oxygen deprivation. Masks are part of their occult ritual ‘magic’ initiation. They convinced people that injecting and infecting oneself with poison is ‘good’ for you. The more severe the ‘reaction’ was – the better it was ‘working’. (It is – in fact – ‘working’ – in that it is poisoning and permanently sterilizing people). This small group convinced people that suffocating their own children, punishing them through isolation, and injecting them with the same toxic poison is ‘good’ for them. Their occult mantra is “Stay Safe. Stop The Spread. 6′ away. 6″ testing swab. 6 people or less”. Yes, many people really are under a ‘magical spell’.

Here is how you fight this evil.

Words have power. Incredible power. Don’t believe me? Call someone an idiot and see how quickly they react. Likewise, tell a stranger you care about them, and it will elicit a completely different response. It is just “air shaping sounds”, yet these words create reactions.

The written word is even more powerful. The written word manifests and creates reality.
Most know they should ‘set goals’. Few know how to do it properly. Done correctly, it quickly creates a new reality. Use it only for good, evil has unintended consequences. It is a 4 step process.

a) Define a specific goal.
b) Set a deadline.
c) Believe it is possible.
d) Expect it to happen.

Here is an example of noble, proper goal setting. Take a picture of the following. Post it on your social media. Broad-cast it widely. Print off a copy. Tape it on trees in the park. Put it on bus shelters. Make sure as MANY people as possible read this. Every time ANY part of the goal is reached – CELEBRATE that success. Simple actions. MASSIVE results.


  1. General population begins to fully understand the “infection” is caused by the “injection”, and that there never was a ‘contagious’ virus. Only mainstream media spread the virus, the message of fear. Population discovers sterilization and deaths data via VAERS. Large groups call immediate halt to all vaccinations/GMO injections. Expected Date: July 15th, 2021.
  2. Restaurants & Small business owners realize the rolling lockdowns are part of a 5-year destructive capitalism plan. They realize it never was about ‘health’, but rather a pretext to destroy businesses to acquire patents and properties for cents on the dollar. They defy future lockdown orders, and fight fines using resources like the JCCF and Constitutional Rights center. Expected Date: August 15th, 2021
  3. Faith leaders begin questioning why the church of Costco and church of Walmart are always fully open. They see the attack on Christianity, repetition of the #6, and realize their flock needs a shepherd. They get educated fast, and hold full services. Expected Date: August 15th, 2021
  4. People become genuinely curious what is really happening. They question why there are staged cyberattacks (cyberpolygon), why money is being printed at 10x the current rate (manufactured hyperinflation), why Gates has purchased so much farmland (manufactured food shortages), and why they are paying taxes that are used against them (lockdowns & fines). They fight back. Expected Date: September 15th, 2021.
  5. People, Police, and Military turn to independent truthful media. They begin to defend their sovereign freedoms. Expected Date: September 15th, 2021.

    Print this off. Share it. Post it. Do it TODAY.






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