Never was, and still is not, a ‘contagious virus’. Evidence.

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Before I get started, let me ask you, how would you feel if you found out there never was a contagious virus in the first place? Not what you think, but how would you feel? Would you feel angry? Relieved? Annoyed? Perplexed? How would you feel if you really found that out? You might be wondering, if there never was — then what was the point of the last 3 years? I’m going to be getting into all of that in this video.

This is an important video, and divided into three parts. The first part I’m going to address your belief system. Many people were scared, and had their belief system formed with a lot of emotional fear. You can make someone believe almost anything if they are afraid, and not thinking clearly. If you believe that there was a contagious virus, then it doesn’t really matter how much evidence I present you with to the contrary — you’re still going to believe that. That is because you will selectively choose information that supports your belief system, and discard information that doesn’t. It’s called cognitive bias. So that’s why we need to first look at your belief systems, address any fallacies in those beliefs in how they were formed at a time of great emotional fear – so then you can see the truth, see evidence clearly, and create new beliefs based on truth.

In the second part, I’m going to address some common sense questions of how people ‘in the know’ acted. Actions speak louder than words. Remember that. The actions of those ‘in the know’ were not of a deadly pandemic, but rather that of an imaginary virus, and psychological warfare.

And finally, in the third part, I am present official documents, from very authoratative sources – the people, government organizations and agencies promoting “the virus”, that indicate this was simply psychological warfare. There never was a ‘contagious virus’, and still isn’t. The “infection” is through the ”injection”. Finally, I’ll conclude what to do with this information.

You may ask yourself, why is it important to know this? Well – it is the core foundational lie of a whole series lies that happened after March 2020. Take away that foundation – and the house of cards tumbles down, the entire convid scam unravels – and you see what is really going on. And then with that clarity you are then able to take decisive action to lead a prosperous life, and help your family and community to do the same. A small group of very sick, perverted, wealthy and powerful individuals are trying to steal your wealth and health. If you don’t know why, or how – it makes it difficult to defend yourself. Once however, you do – you can defend yourself effectively and get rid of the sick evil. This video gives you those tools to protect yourself and fight back effectively.

So, let’s get started.

So, Part one – your belief system.

If you believe there is or was a contagious virus, we are going to need to look at how you arrived at your beliefs. So if you believe there was a virus, why do you believe that? I’ve talked to a lot of people, and the most common reasons are:

  1. They “know” someone who died from Covid, therefore “know” it was covid.
  2. A doctor, i.e. a trusted authority figure, told them an illness was related to Covid
  3. Other types of authority figures told them it was Covid, i.e. an anchorman on TV, or a government official
  4. They “tested positive”, from a “Covid test” and therefore know that it was “Covid”.
  5. They experienced what the believed the symptoms of “Covid” to be.
  6. They could not smell, therefore believed it was Covid
  7. A “fact checker” fact checked a claim, and they trusted results that show up in google implicitly, that told them it was ‘Covid’.
  8. They got much sicker than in previous years, or for much longer period of time, therefore believed it was Covid
  9. They believe contrary “news” sources, such as “lab leak” theory, the “bat” theory, or some other “theory” – as long as it still says there was a ‘covid virus’.
  10. Or, basically something along those lines

If you believe you caught Covid, and recovered, or that there was a virus whatsoever, chances are it’s based on one of the above belief systems. So I’m going to address fallacies in each of those beliefs.

But, before I proceed – did you know that people could have gotten sick from masks, the “tests”, the stress, the chemicals sprayed in workplaces, and more? Did you know  –

a) Masks were sprayed with poisons such as PTFE sprayed on masks polytetrafluoroethylene) could break down when you breathed on it, causing respiratory issues?
b) Titanium Dioxide? Did you know breathing these particles, also on some masks, could cause respiratory issues?
c) Did you know if you decreased your oxygen levels, you could make yourself have hypoxia, which could cause health issues?
d) Did you know that you could breathe in fibres from the masks that got lodged in your lungs and caused respiratory issues?
e) Did you know there is something called ‘hypoxia’ – which basically means you are slowly suffocating yourself which can cause you to become ill?

All of these would have caused the so-called “symptoms” of the “convid” virus.


Did you know that hand sanitizers are extremely toxic to your body, because your body’s largest organ – the skin – absorbs the toxins into the skin? Did you know that NONE were approved by Health Canada at the “covid outbreak”, and yet – heavily promoted as something to use? (see html dox)

d) The “tests” were doused in “EO” (ethylene oxide), that if inhaled or ingested, could cause respiratory and other health issues? (Aside from the fact that jamming a stick up your nose to touch your brain is extremely damaging on many different levels).

Cleaning Products:
e) Using excessive amounts of chlorine-based cleaning products, could cause respiratory, among other health issues?

And of course, not to mention that “the shots” – called “vaccines”, are actually deathjabs, clotshots, poisonpricks that cause a myriad of sicknesses. The shots are designed to harm. Not to cure anything, especially something that doesn’t exist.

Did you know that the FDA – a major organization in the USA – knew all the side effects from the so-called vaccines in October 2020, yet pushed them anyways? Now – many people will say “oh, they HAD to say that so they don’t get sued” – because they are used to watching television commercials from pharmaceutical companies promoting drugs with disclaimers so they supposedly don’t get sued. (I.e., the purpose of the disclaimer is that if you use it anyways, and develop a problem – that’s your problem, not ours).

But this FDA document is not a television commercial. The FDA was NOT advertising a product for sale. They were not “creating a disclaimer”. This was a discussion, as part of a presentation made to other officials of what the “side effects” were. And in October 2020, before they started rolling out the jabs en masse – they KNEW people could get at least one over other 20 diseases, including DEATH. Yet went ahead and did it anyways.

So – basically – before we’ve even addressed any of the belief systems – many of the things supposedly designed to “protect” you – could have caused the very things that supposedly this “virus” caused?

Anyways, let’s look at your belief systems. 

  1. You “know” someone who “died” from “covid”. How? Most likely a “Doctor”.

If you “know” someone who “died from covid”… How do you know? Most likely a “trusted authority figure” told you they did, and you trusted them implicitly without questioning their motives. Why?

Most people have been taught that doctors are above reproach, that they can do no harm. If you’re like most people, you arrived at this conclusion from television programming and social conditioning. Television programs like “The Good Doctor”, “E.R.”, mash, “General Hospital”, Chicago med, etc. etc. almost always portray doctors an excellent light. They never really show doctors being pressured by pharmaceutical reps on an almost daily basis to push certain drugs. They never really show doctors being  incompetent and not reading the latest medical advances, because they’re overworked. They don’t usually show doctors being influenced by money to have their name put on a new wing in a hospital or pay their Mercedes bill, or be interviewed on TV and get more status and feel important. They don’t normally show doctors having vices, but rather tend to present them as holier than thou on knowing beings.

The fact is, many doctors were financially incentivized to say that an illness was ‘covid related’, when in fact, it was not. They were also threatened by governing bodies with losing their license if they spoke out against the ‘official narrative’, such as the CPSO in Canada. In the US, hospitals would literally get 10’s of thousands of dollars if something was listed as a ‘covid related illness’. (What is really funny – is even the “Fact Checkers” agree – hospitals got more money if they listed a patient as a “covid-19” patient). You just have to scroll ALL the way to the end of the article to see their “conclusion”. (The “fact checkers” use words like “Claim”, to make it sound like it is just a random statement, so very few people read to the end).

Maybe a sizable donation to the hospital from organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation [show website/excel spreadsheet]. Other doctors, simply relied on reports all the way up the food chain to do their thinking for them. If they actually read any reports, it might’ve simply just been a cursory look. They didn’t realize that people preparing the reports had a vested interest in selling masks, vaccines which are not really vaccines, or other medical gear.

Doctors, and nurses alike, are not in view with some kind of divine knowledge. Unfortunately, many acted as if they were. A janitor that took the time to read a few reports would be more knowledgeable than the most esteemed doctor that never read a page, and just took someone else’s word for it.

Many doctors in hospitals also just simply did what they were told by “What we know so far” articles compiled by government entities. I.e., the doctor did not think, did not reason – just followed orders. Many times – the “studies” were conducted in an extremely questionable fashion, inconclusive, as well as biased for a specific narrative.

So you see now if you were told by a doctor, that someone died from Covid, that it may not necessarily be an accurate, unbiased diagnosis? Can you see how there might have been other factors influencing that diagnosis?

Anchorman and Anchorwomen

People tend to trust news such as CNN or Fox media. Generally speaking they’ve grown up with the belief that journalists do something called investigative reporting. What they don’t realize, is that journalism from 30 years ago is much different than journalism today. Many so-called journalists simply regurgitate what is presented to them from “government officials”, and parrot it on the TV. They don’t normally do critical thinking.

I’ve personally spoken with journalists and news directors over the last 3 years- and gotten that information straight from the horses mouth. I’ve been told by news reporters, that they were given reports from government authority figures, and simply regurgitated what was in the report. They did not investigate. Some even had cognitive bias (i.e., because the “knew” someone who died, would automatically dismiss anything to the contrary). I’ve also been told by program directors of both radio and TV stations, that because they feel strapped for cash and understaffed, they do not do a deep dive into stories. At most, they would do a couple google searches to see what other people are saying, and then put something together.  It is more the quantity of stories they can churn out, and not the quality – to get ‘clickbaity’ articles.

And finally, most news publications are owned by small conglomerates, which in turn are owned by larger conglomerates — which basically give marching orders to the entire news organization. For example in Canada, independent media is not really independent. Posts media owns most of the larger news publications in Canada, and in turn posts media is owned by a larger group called the Chatham group. So it is very easy to manipulate and control information.

And basically, if someone questions that, they’re threatened with being fired and losing their job, their livelihood. Most people can understand what that feels like, as most people were likely threatened with losing their job unless they got a poisonous injection and their arm. Fortunately, a lot of people said no. However, you can certainly understand the feeling, correct?

So… can you understand now how you might not actually be getting ‘unbiased reporting’, but in fact – extremely biased reporting that is based on a combination of laziness, and monetary influence?

“Testing positive”.

Most people are under the impression, that there is one test, and that test is 100% accurate. It’s never occurred to many that not only was there more than one test, but that they could be inaccurate.

  • Did you know that there are numerous tests, testing for different portions of the so-called virus that could also give a positive result for something else? A woman who goes by the name of ‘Yummy Doctor’ made the fascinating discovery that the “test” was actually “testing” for human DNA.
  • Did you know there is no one standardized test? Most people were under the assumption there was a single type of test, but there wasn’t. There were multiple types of tests. So if there were different types of tests, giving different results, how could one test result be the same as another test result?
  • Did you know that Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test in the 1980s actually said that it was not intended as a diagnostic tool? So – if you can’t “diagnose” with it – what is it actually showing you?
  • Did you know that some labs had what are called high CT counts, while other labs had low CT counts? In other words, if you wanted a “positive result” you would send the tests to a lab with a high CT count threshold, and if you wanted a negative result you’d send it to a lab with a low CT count threshold?
  • Did you know, that even the mainstream media talk about the president of Tanzania in May 2020, testing a goat, a papaya, and a quail — and all the results came back positive?
  • Even  “Elon Musk” (a high profile figure) supposedly tested both positive and negative at the same time.

So, if it’s possible to manipulate whether a result is positive or negative depending what Lab you send it to… if it is possible to have a piece of fruit like a papaya come back positive… if there is no standardized test… Then not only, what are you testing for, but how can you be certain that the test result has any meaning whatsoever?

“Covid symptoms”

So according, to the CDC, “possible” symptoms – not meaning absolute — just possible symptoms include fever chills, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, and so forth. What other things can possibly make you feel that way? Well, having a cold or the flu. Drinking too much – could make you nauseous or vomit. So does that mean every time you had a night out for the last 20 years of your life, you actually had Covid, and it wasn’t from drinking? Yelling at a concert. Or was that Covid? Running up a hill can make you have shortness of breath. Being overweight can make you have shortness of breath. Working out for 20 minutes doing heavy cardio can make you have shortness of breath. Does that mean you had Covid all this time?

Over the last two years, most people worldwide have been a victim of a powerful psychological type of manipulation that has been perfected by the military to use for attack and control purposes called ‘trauma based mind control’. It is basically a form of psychological torture that can manipulate people into believe anything. I.e., gaslighting someone on steroids, pumped full of the most power drugs you can think of, in a concentrated pill form. It’s been perfected over the years by organizations such as the Tavistock institute, in programs called MKUltra, and so forth.

It’s basically like this. Let’s say you were walking down the street with a friend, then your friend turned to you and told you the sky was pink. You’d probably laugh at them – but what if they sincerely insisted the sky was pink. You’d probably think they were a little nuts, but there might be a little bit of doubt. So later on that day, you talk to a close relative what your friend told you – and your friend replies ‘of course it is pink! Didn’t you know?’. Now – you might be wondering if someone was playing a joke on you – but wondering what the chances of that would be might start to doubt yourself even more. If you then say went home that evening, and told your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend – and then THEY said “Of course it’s pink! Why would you think otherwise?” You might really begin to doubt your own reality – even though – it is in fact, blue. This is essentially what has happened the last 2 years – but in a much more powerful form of about 1000x.

You couldn’t smell

So let’s say you notice you couldn’t smell. That many have Covid? Well question for you, in your entire life — pre-Covid Covid times — when your nose was stuffy and plugged up, could you smell anything then? no, of course not — but you just didn’t pay attention to it. What is going on right now is simply another psychological trick. It’s like when you buy a yellow sweater, then you notice “everyone has a yellow sweater. However, before that you never noticed it. The psychotic sociopathic narcissists are simply directing your attention to something you never paid attention before.

Also, things like diet (whether you have a lot of mucous in your nasal cavity due to allergic food reactions) can affect your sense of smell.


So you think an independent fact checker, or whatever appears in Google, must be 100% correct? While in the past, you have probably had a good experience for finding certain types of information — such as your favorite movie, such as your favorite song on YouTube — it is very easy to manipulate results in Google. It’s called search engine optimization. There are countless companies that make a living doing this. If it was not profitable, and they did not produce results — do you think they would still exist?

Back in the early 2000s, they introduced something called page rank algorithm which is very novel at the time. Basically, Google looked at how many people pointed to a certain page — and determined how much authority they had. Since then, it has become very easy to manipulate results providing you have a lot of money.

Do you not think the pharmaceutical industry — that literally makes billions and billions of dollars every single day — would not simply create a website, and pay a search engine optimization company to make sure things ranked first in Google promoting their drugs and services? Do you not believe they would be highly incentivized to make sure everything said it was great to use overpriced “testing” kits, overpriced “masks”, overpriced poison shots, and so forth?

It is very very easy to manipulate things, providing you have the right company and a good amount of money.

You got “sick” and it was “worse than before”.

Some people still believe they got “more sick” than before. Well – aside from the fact that poisons on masks, poisons on tests, poisons in cleaning solutions, poisons in hand sanitizers could indeed make you ill…

What happens when you focus your attention on something? You tend to notice it more. If you went into a crowd, looked at everyone’s shirts, you probably wouldn’t notice anything too special. But if you bought a yellow shirt, then started looking at everyone’s shirts – it would probably seem that “everyone” had a yellow shirt. Same crowd, same number of shirts – it’s just what you are focusing on.

Likewise – honestly – how often did you pay attention to the “degree” of sickness you felt before? Getting sick ALWAYS “feels” bad. And it is highly subjective. But if you add fear, stress, anxiety – and have a belief that it could be deadly – then it would probably seem a lot worse. Even though it is exactly the same. Something to consider.

Various “origin story” theories.

It’s funny – in comic books – you almost always have what is called an ‘origin’ story. Makes the comic book more ‘interesting’.

Quite simply put – the “lab leak”, the “bat”, etc, etc – are all red herrings. They are designed to distract you, cast doubt, and make you spend your energy worrying about something that you can’t really verify for yourself. “They” could say Oompaloompas live in antartica. But who cares? What are the chances of you going to Antarctica to see if there are indeed Oompaloompas? “They” could then say there are huge castles made of icecream in Antarctica. Still, who cares? Highly unlikely you would have the means to verify that yourself. And if you did – let’s say you went to Antarctica to prove there were no castles made of icecream – what would you do? Tell everyone? Again, who cares?

The “lab leak”, the “bat theory”, and any other “origin story” really isn’t something you can verify yourself. It’s just designed to distract you. Because “the virus” doesn’t exist.

However, your own actions? Your own personal observations? That is something you can verify. Trust yourself.

Belief System:

So basically, I hope I’ve covered most of the things that could potentially have led you to believe that there was a contagious virus. And now that you realize, how your belief system could have been manipulated — and hopefully you now have an open mind to looking at the proof and evidence that it does not exist — you can proceed further in this video. This concludes the portion of part I.






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