Pyramid Power – How to use Pyramids to Vanquish Evil

Pyramids are powerful. Incredibly powerful. They are also called “hierarchies”. Employee “hierarchies”, church directories, and so forth. The group of evil psychopaths attacking humanity know this. There are two very interesting documents you should read that I will list below. Then, I will discuss pyramid power. And then I will teach you how you can use the exact same pyramid knowledge for good, and the good of mankind.

First, read the United Nations commissioned document entitled “Guide to COVID-19 vaccine communications”. [1]. Next, read the World Economic Forum (aka ‘new world order’) “Think-Feel-Do Framework for Covid-19 Vaccine Communications” document. It describes how to manipulate people into getting infected, er, I mean “injected” – “for your own safety”, of course. [2] They describe how to manipulate the “subjects” emotions, by using the head of a pyramid (a leader within a community), in order to get injected with a toxic substance. Aside from the sterilization & depopulation goals, if you get injected and survive, Microsoft is all excited with their patent #2020-060606 [3] to “farm” you as a “resource”. They want to use your “body activity data” for “tasks”, and give you a little bit of “crypto” as a reward for obedience and compliance.

So how are they trying to do this?


Pyramids are powerful. A single person can direct the actions of many. Think of a corporation. You have a CEO. The CEO sets the tone and the culture for the entire organization. A single individual determines the direction of the entire company. Or think of a general in the military. You’ve probably seen the movie ‘A Few Good Men’. A single individual decides what a large group of people do. They are the “apex” of the “pyramid.

So – how are the psychopaths abusing pyramid power? They are reaching out to these “influencers”, single individuals, to try and direct the actions of many. If they can get the influencer to the ‘dark side’ – they feel they can then manipulate the actions of those that follow the influencer. If a CEO tells everyone to “wear red underwear or you are fired ” – very few employees would dare question that directive. If they did, and someone was fired, most others would be scared to come forward. THAT is how 0.00001% is manipulating most of the world population.


So what do you do? Make it a GOAL of yours to reach out to AT LEAST 3 small business owners, and 3 church leaders in your community, EVERY SINGLE WEEK STARTING TODAY. Write an e-mail. Make a phone call. Use a search engine to find contact information. DO IT NOW.

In it – you want to QUICKLY educate them on what is happening, and why. Then you provide a SOLUTION.

For businesses:

  1. First educate them how Covid is being used as a pretense to shut down their business with rolling lockdowns. There never was a ‘contagious’ virus [4]. It a 5-year plan/March 2025 [5]
  2. Then, educate them that if they do not fight back now (stay FULLY open), they will lose their business within 5 years. It’s destructive capitalism. (Destroy the small business first, then purchase the patents & properties for cents on the dollar).
  3. Then, provide them solutions of how to fight fines, and connect them with other businesses AND PROSPER. I.e., JCCF.CA,

For Churches:

  1. First, educate them how this evil group is trying to launch the ‘church’ of ‘satan’, and mocking them. [6] They also mock them with symbols (i.e., 6 ppl or less, 6 inch testing swab, 6 feet away).
  2. Tell them they need to LEAD their FLOCK, and be a good shepherd. Don’t hide in the trees.
  3. Then, connect them with likeminded individuals to provide SUCCESSFUL FULLY REOPENING STRATEGIES such as the Liberty Coalition Canada. [7].
    THAT is what you do. You EDUCATE the influencers, and use PYRAMIND POWER for GOOD. And vanquish the evil. And DO IT NOW. You CAN change the plan for good. Do it NOW.







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