Conquering Mind Control – Effective Protests

People have been conditioned through schooling, media, authority figures, etc most of their life to have a certain set of beliefs, which includes beliefs that acting a certain way will have certain results. It’s called “programming”. Many freedom fighters are a lot more ‘awake’, but may still have a couple blind spots. This article will teach you how to recognize those, and then re-program yourself to become an incredibly more effective freedom fighter – in order to preserve your God-given rights and freedoms, for you, your children, and your children’s children..

Effective Protests

Most people have been conditioned that “protests” – more specifically walking the streets chanting “rah rah rah give us our rights” – is an effective way to effect change. It is not. First of all, you already HAVE your rights. You are DEFENDING them. Secondly, while a few ‘asleep’ people may join the cause, media selectively chooses which “protests” it will promote – in order to try to sway public opinion.

You’ve probably noticed that most people that show up to protests don’t wear masks. They are ALREADY ‘awake’. They KNOW something is wrong. They want to know WHAT to do to EFFECT MASSIVE CHANGE. So you TEACH them.

For EFFECTIVE protests, this is what you do.

  1. Each speaker MUST provide a SPECIFIC ACTIONABLE solution to the audience. Have the speakers submit their written solution before speaking. It must provide step by step instructions, and describe desired outcomes. People already know “the virus” is fake, that the “infection” is CAUSED by the “injection”. They need step by step instructions how to stop the tyranny, form community groups, communicate with business and church leaders to effect change, and so forth. Ideas such as homeschooling, and removing children from indoctrination camps. Bartering networks.
  2. Use protests as NETWORKING events. The purpose of “social distancing” (such a dumb invented phrase) – is to try to isolate people. Do the OPPOSITE. NETWORK. Have protestors set up FUTURE meetings amongst themselves to strategize, and share information. Have the M.C. do 2-3 “networking games” in between speakers. Such as “say hello to the person on your life, now to the right. Now exchange contact info”. People need to meet NEW people, STRATEGIZE, and take ACTION.
  3. Focus on the BIG plan. Specify goals with deadlines. One month from now, doctors speak out against injections. Two months from now, communities begin self governing, rejecting external oversight, etc.

    Small changes. BIG results.

Effecting Influencers

Many people treat those that are perceived as having “more education”, “more money”, “more power”, are completely differently than ‘regular’ people. I have spoken to executives and CEO’s of multi-million to multi-dollar corporations. I have conversed with those with high social status, and powerful individuals.

Guess what. They aren’t that different. They eat, poop and sleep just like you do. Granted – they may have more people clamoring for their attention, but they are still just people.
You can communicate and work together with these types of people to effect massive change. Doesn’t matter what your education level is, your job title, or how much money you have.
If you have something IMPORTANT that BENEFITS an influencer DIRECTLY, then generally speaking, they are willing to listen to you.

So make sure you have something WORTH listening to. Helping a business owner save their business – educating them that convid is a 5-year PLAN of CONTINUOUS lockdowns designed to permanently shut them down. THAT is valuable information. Educating them to use legal resources like the JCCF or That is important information.
Helping Christian pastors, priests and preachers save souls – that is important information. Putting them in touch with leaders who have successfully fought back tyranny, like at, that is important information.

WHEN you get in touch with an influencer – respect their time. Politely ask them if they have a few minutes to discuss an issue. When they ask what it is – in 2-3 sentences – describe the issue. If they have time – spend 5 minutes HELPING them save their business and their church. They will appreciate it.


Meditate. Reflect. Reprogram yourself. Effect MASSIVE change.






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