Overview of the Covid-19 Agenda

Hi. I’m writing a series of articles to help provide you with clarity of exactly what is going on, why it’s happening, and what you can do about it. Today’s article provides background information, and a short summary of what is going on with topics you can research further. Read future articles for more details.

Over the last year, I’ve spoken with many people. Law enforcement, politicians, medical professions, business owners, church leaders and more. Serious accidents have been labelled as “covid”. AMO documents requested city politicians be fired for questioning “the science”. $100k threats were made to small business if they open, while fully open big box retailers pack people in like sardines. I’ve read hundreds of medical documents, pyschological reports, publicly available official documents, and ‘conspiracies’ to see the big picture. I have the background to understand “the science”.

I am going to share with you what I’ve learned. Research these topics. Get educated. Do critical thinking.

In short, this is what is really going on.

A handful of very rich, very powerful, and very evil individuals and evil families literally want world domination, total power, total control. Secret societies like “Circle of the Black Sun”, “Society of Elect” plan generations in advance and manipulate those below them. They are eugenicists, and believe in population control. They believe they are smart (‘illuminated’), and that you are dumb. So they use trauma based mind control – lockdowns & masks – with two primal human fears, the fear of death, and the fear of poverty, to manipulate your actions and belief system.
Their agenda includes the following.

  • Their agenda includes:
    • One world government (Agenda 21, 2030, Lockstep)
    • A planned “Health Pandemic” using psychological manipulation (Event 201, SPARS)
    • A planned 2nd ‘Digital Health Pandemic’, to push a global ID (Cyberpolygon, ID2020)
    • Permanent Online education (CORE education)
    • Massive Currency devaluation to push a one world digital currency (“BetterThanCash”)
    • World Depopulation (Georgia Guidestones, East Indian Polio Expertiments, AIDS “medication”)
    • Destroying Small business (Destructive Capitalism)
    • Mind control through injections (Patent #2020-060606, Profusa Bio Sensors, fMRI, Programmable DNA)
    • Manufactured Food Shortages

How would you feel if you knew there was never any contagious virus, and the only way you became infected was to become injected? Research germ theory versus terrain theory, or German New Medicine. Or look at FOIR’s from PHA’s indicating no isolated virus sample from a deceased person was available prior to injections. (That’s like saying someone died from cancer, so the doctor cuts open the body, sees it’s healthy – and says ‘Trust me, its there! I just can’t find it!’).

Do not blindly “trust the science”, or “trust the experts”. Because sometimes, “the science” is wrong, and “the experts” lie to you.

Why would “experts” lie to you? The love of money is a good reason. It’s suprising how easily a tiny amount of money can influence the opinions of “the experts”. Ownership stakes in plastic, masking, or vaccine companies provide good incentives. Contract bidding for huge profits (i.e., E60PV-20ESS2/B) provide good incentives. Those “experts” then tell those underneath them to go along with the agenda, or look for a different job. Underlings, threatened with losing their job if they don’t mask up get the jab ‘trust’ their superiors, figuring ‘someone’ must be checking up on them – so do as they’re told. Those same “experts” then use things like the “Principles of COVID-19 vaccine communications” document from the United Nations/University of Florida to instruct health practioners how to exploit human emotions and values to get more injections. Why the big rush for injections? That’s all you see on Tell-a-Vision. Or Tell-lie-vision. How do you spell that properly?

So what do you do? Get educated, and fast. Reject the injection. Trust your immune system. Tell others. And a bonus – invest in some physical gold and silver today.






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